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Those are the money beets.

art journal for summer_wolf

the art community for summer_wolf
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Please credit either summer_wolf or this community fun_tivities

I love comments! Let me know if you're taking anything, or what you think of my work.

I can not stress enough how much I don't want you to do this. I already have at least 5 photobucket accounts. Count them, 5. Please don't make me get anymore. Get your own.


Yes, fun_tivities.
I make icons, banners/headers, user infos, and I'm putting together some fanmixes.
My fandoms are below in the interest section, but the main ones that I'll be making things for are: Grey's Anatomy, The Office, and Supernatural.

While this is mainly my own graphics journal, heroineforhire may be dropping in now and then, and making a few posts of her own. Make sure you credit her if you take any of her work.

But I can't be bothered looking through everything. I'm lazy.
Hey, me too! That's why God Livejournal invented tags.

So I like your icons, but how do I get to know you?
I have my own personal journal as summer_wolf, but I'm picky as to the people I add. If we have a few things in common, then feel free to add me, but comment in my Friends Only post aswell. Or you'll sit on my 'Also Friend Of' list for weeks until I notice you.

What if I want you to make something. Can I request it?
Sure! I'm open to requests. Try to keep them within my fandoms. And only if you're a member/friend of the community.

Currently taking requests.

None yet. Would you like to? Leave me a comment or use the community email.

Wha-? That's right. Fight club. What happens in the community, stays in the community. Do not request things in my personal journal. It's just rude. Anything to do with this community can be said here, or you can email me using the community email.


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